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Re: postgresql91 build with libxml

Thanks All,
  The buildlink include solved it just fine.

I run a database backed website with apache/postgres/NetBSD and have
observed the development of XML support with an eye to XML/XSL
migration at some point.  It's getting fairly mature by now and we're
going to set up a test server.
I'm neutral as to the default build configuration for Postgres, but
thankful for the tips provided here.  It is looking like Postgres is
going to be a good XML/XSL backend though.

You can learn more here:

Again, thanks

On 2012-01-31, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> "Filip Hajny" <> writes:
>> On 31. 1. 2012, at 5:12, Phillip Rulon wrote:
>>> So the library is installed and version is OK, but I'm baffled as to
>>> how to integrate it to the postgresql build setup.  Do I need to alter
>>> the .buildlink hierarchy?  or is there another hack that I've missed.
>> Yes, you need to add this to Makefile.common:
>> .include "../../textproc/libxml2/"
> I guess the real question is should xml support (I'm not clear what that
> means) be on by default, or an option?
> pgsql is not small, but it has remarkably few dependencies so far.
> But libxml2 only drags in xmlcatmgr.

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