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Re: CRLF line terminators in nagios-base

Andreas Obermaier <> writes:

> I recently installed nagios-base using pkgsrc on Solaris 10 (sparc).
> Unless I remove all CRLF line terminators in the source files, Sun
> studio compiler fails to build nagios-base. Gcc obviously has no such
> problems.
> Do you consider pkg-src portability to include the possibility of
> building packages with Sun studio instead of the pkgsrc gcc?  If yes,
> then maybe an additional step could be included to remove the CRLF
> line terminators.

Do any standards address this?  Specifically, can you point to someting
that says either nagios or Sun Studio is wrong?

> I could also contact the nagios developers, to see if they feel this
> is worth changing.  I counted 208 ascii files without CRLF versus 132
> with CRLF. :)

Definitely you should raise this issue with nagios.  If they are willing
to just fix it, that's the best solution.

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