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Re: major change in handling build tools?


On Thu, 29 Sep 2011 22:01:22 +0900, Hans Rosenfeld <> 

I guess this is fallout from a change I made a few weeks ago. I added
detection of several host tools to mk/tools/, including
pkg-config and perl.

I assume you're running SunOS 5.10? Pkg-config in that version is too
old and ignores some of the environment variables set by pkgsrc. I have
a patch for that and a few other host tool changes that are useful for
5.10 and older. I consider this to be an infrastructure change, so I
wanted to wait until after the freeze before committing it. The correct
workaround is adding
to your mk.conf.

At least, builtin pkg-config version detection should be implemented,
or conditionally added to TOOLS_PLATFORM.pkg-config, like a gmake
for Darwin.

But I feel pkg-config tool is not so big, so I feel there are not so
advantage to use builtin pkg-config with introducing complex rules

The support for perl as a host tool has another bug that needs to be
fixed. It wasn't visible before because no other platform defined
TOOLS_PLATFORM.perl before. I have a patch for that, too.

Please revert it to the original mode of operation.

Can you wait until after the freeze?

I feel that it is hard to fix those issues during freeze.

As far as I know, builtin perl support was added for Darwin few years ago,
but reverted because of various issues.

I would like to +1 to revert it and re-implement after the freeze.

OBATA Akio /

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