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major change in handling build tools?


Two days ago I opened pkg/45409, which describes how the native
pkg-config is used even if pkgsrc's version is installed. Now I have
problems compiling convertes/help2man. It turns out, that instead of
pkgsrc's perl, Solaris' native perl is used. As a result, the
installed package p5-gettext is not used, a test in configure turns
out differently and installation of the package fails:

 => Full dependency pkg_install-info-[0-9]*: found pkg_install-info-4.5nb3
-=> Full dependency perl>=5.0: found perl-5.14.1
 => Full dependency gettext-lib>=0.18: found gettext-lib-
-checking for perl... /usr/pkgsrc/20110809/bin/perl
-checking for module Locale::gettext... yes
-checking for msgfmt...
+checking for perl... /usr/bin/perl
+checking for module Locale::gettext... no
+checking for msgfmt...

The quick fix in pkg/45409 was to add


to mk.conf. I could probably do the same for perl, but soon this would
be a never-ending story.

Where and why has the behavior of locating build tools changed in the
last two weeks? Please revert it to the original mode of operation.

Joern Clausen

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