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Re: make update problems

   pkg_admin check

That didn't show any significant problems, except one unrelated broken package from the last time this problem occurred.

   ktrace -i of the pkg_install -U that fails (-i so that children are
   traced too).

And who's going to read through that?

Here's what I did:

$ cd databases/p5-DBD-mysql
$ bmake
$ truss -aef bmake update | & tee truss.out

As this succeeded, I continued with

$ cd ../..
$ truss -aef pkg_add -U packages/SunOS-5.10-sparc/All/p5-DBD-mysql-4.017nb1.tgz | & tee truss.out

In addition (after cleaning up everything), adding -v showed this:

$ pkg_add -U -v packages/SunOS-5.10-sparc/All/p5-DBD-mysql-4.017nb1.tgz
/usr/pkgsrc/20110318/sbin/pkg_delete -K /usr/pkgsrc/20110318/var/db/pkg -p /usr/pkgsrc/20110318 'p5-DBD-mysql-4.017nb1' pkg_delete: Couldn't remove package directory in `/usr/pkgsrc/20110318/var/db/pkg/p5-DBD-mysql-4.017nb1'
Running install with PRE-INSTALL for p5-DBD-mysql-4.017nb1.
pkg_add: exec of install script failed: No such file or directory
pkg_add: Couldn't remove /usr/pkgsrc/20110318/var/db/pkg/p5-DBD-mysql-4.017nb1: File exists
pkg_add: 1 package addition failed

As far as I can see, pkg_delete is called to remove the package, which fails, because pkg_add already renamed the directory under var/db/pkg. But that's only a guess. I have 225437 lines of truss output I can give anybody who's interested.

 Jörn Clausen                    
 Universität Bielefeld

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