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Re: What is the Gnome binary meta package ?

Le 25 avr. 2011 à 14:10, iMil a écrit :

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Hi Joel,

I am trying to install gnome from binary packages using pkgin.
The thing is, I just can't find the meta package to use.

From '/pub/pkgsrc/packages/NetBSD/i386/5.1/meta-pkgs/', there are 3 gnome related packages but they don't seem "complete" for a desktop use.
From the cvsweb interface, I can see gnome-desktop, gnome, gnome2, desktop-gnome but none seem to be binary packaged.

when i first installed it using pkgin i used 'gnome' (as shown here, but for some reason, this meta-package doen't seem to exist in a binary form anymore, while is still exists and provides needed pieces for a full gnome environment in meta-pkgs/gnome.

OK, what I did is :
$ sudo pkgin in alacarte brasero bug-buddy cheese dasher deskbar-applet needs ekiga empathy eog epiphany evince evolution evolution-data-server evolution-exchange evolution-mapi evolution-webcal file-roller gcalctool gconf-editor gdm gedit gio-fam gnome-applets gnome-backgrounds gnome-control-center gnome-desktop gnome-desktop-sharp gnome-doc-utils gnome-games gnome-icon-theme gnome-keyring gnome-mag gnome-media gnome-menus gnome-netstatus gnome-nettool gnome-panel gnome-power-manager gnome-screensaver gnome-session gnome-settings-daemon gnome-sharp gnome-speech gnome-system-monitor gnome-system-tools gnome-terminal gnome-themes gnome-user-docs unpackaged gnome-user-share gnome-utils gok gst-plugins0.10-base gst-plugins0.10-good gst-plugins0.10-pulse gstreamer0.10 gtk2-engines gtkhtml314 gtksourceview2 gucharmap gvfs hamster-applet libgail-gnome libgnomekbd libgnomeprint libgnomeprintui libgtop libgweather liboobs librsvg libsoup24 libwnck metacity mousetweaks nautilus orca seahorse seahorse-plugins sound-juicer swfdec-gnome tomboy totem totem-pl-parser vinagre compilation vino vte yelp zenity
$ sudo pkgin in gnome-mount
$ sudo pkgin in aspell-francais aspell-english
$ sudo pkgin in gst-ffmpeg gst-plugins0.10-x264 gst-plugins0.10-resindvd gst-plugins0.10-a52 gst-plugins0.10-xvid

It's a bit "dirty" but it works :)


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