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Re: protecting compiler from accidental updates

pkg_rolling-replace has --exclude option

Yes, and the man-page states

 -X pkgs   Exclude the comma-separated list of package base names from
           being rebuilt for any reason.

But my experience is, that if the excluded package is updated because a prerequisite changed, a) the prerequisite gets installed and b) the excluded package is built anyway. You'd have to exclude the complete dependency tree. Maybe this option was meant to work differently, but it does not.

I run a script that creates binary packages of all installed packages
(if they don't exist) before doing any updates (via pkg_tarup).  So I
can roll back things with pkg_add -U (and maybe pkg_add -U -D).

Hm, with DESTDIR and the binary packages built as a side effect, do you still need a script? Anyway, I will probably start using ZFS and snapshots, to protect me from this type of mishap.

 Jörn Clausen                    
 Universität Bielefeld

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