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Re: protecting compiler from accidental updates

Jörn Clausen <> writes:

> I just bricked my complete pkgsrc installation. The reason seems to be
> the update of devel/gettext-lib. I use lang/gcc34 as compiler. This
> has a dependency on gettext-lib. So pkg_rolling-replace decided to
> update gcc34. For doing so, it decided to install lang/gcc, i.e. GCC
> 2.95. Halfway through, the build process fell apart and left me
> without a working compiler. Although it might be possible to reinstall
> lang/gcc34 using the Sun Studio compiler, I think it's easier to just
> bootstrap everything from scratch.
> Question: Is there a way to protect the compiler (and maybe other
> packages) from getting updated? And store this list of packages in a
> place so that any method of update (manual "make update", pkg_chk -u,
> pkg_rolling-replace) will not even attempt to touch any of these
> packages or their prerequisites?

pkg_rolling-replace has --exclude option, but really I think what you
want should be in pkgsrc proper, so make replace/make
update/etc. fails.   There is a variable already for packages that can't
be deleted, so it shouldn't be too hard to do.

I run a script that creates binary packages of all installed packages
(if they don't exist) before doing any updates (via pkg_tarup).  So I
can roll back things with pkg_add -U (and maybe pkg_add -U -D).

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