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Re: recent ccache trouble?

At Wed, 30 Mar 2011 15:36:17 -0400,
Greg Troxel wrote:
> I didn't try logging on NetBSD, but on the mac, at the suggestion of a
> colleague, I added:
> CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK?=  %compiler% -v
> That restores the expected behavior; I see 17/1 direct/preprocessed
> hits.
> The ccache man page warns about this; by default the compiler is
> identified by the combination of mtime and size, and the mtime changes
> every run.

Why would the mtime of the compiler change on every run? Or were you
thinking of the atime?

I use ccache for `./ build` and there the toolchain compiler
gets freshly made to then build the target system. So I set

> So I wonder why this is a problem now.  It seems mk/compiler/
> sets CCACHE_HASHCC, but that variable is not mentioned any more in the
> 3.1.4 man page.

CCACHE_HASHCC was introduced as a pkgsrc patch.

> So it seems we need to change to set CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK
> (additionally), so it works with either version of ccache.

It might be a good idea to use CCACHE_COMPILERCHECK=content also for
pkgsrc, so that replacing the compiler with the same version, but more
recently built, won't invalidate the cache.

Best regards,


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