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Re: recent ccache trouble?

Your results are interesting; of the 18 real compiles you're seeing 17
direct hits and 1 preprocessed hit.

I turned on CCACHE_LOGFILE, which I missed the first time through the

The 'unsupported compiler option' is due to -E (by autoconf I think).
So those numbers increase, but that's not the bug.

On my mac, with ccache 3.1.4, it looks for a different hash every time,
with or without CCACHE_SLOPPINESS set to everything.  With ccache 2.4
(which was in pkgsrc until 2011-03-02), I get the expected caching
behavior (18 hits per build).  Turning on CCACHE_SLOPPINESS makes the
next run not hit, but then future runs hit, presmably based on the
alternately-hashed objects with the __TIME__ not expanded.

With a pre-loaded cache, and after ccache -z, I get (ccache 2.4):

cache directory                     /Users/gdt/.ccache
cache hit                             18
cache miss                             0
called for link                        1
autoconf compile/link                 11
no input file                          3
files in cache                       150
cache size                           764 Kbytes
max cache size                    1024.0 Mbytes

which seems to match your results reasonably.

What OS version, cpu arch, etc. are you running?

I wonder if something in the bl3 wrappers are being picked up by newer
ccache as different, like the symlink times.

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