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Re: mail/mailscanner is outdated (2004)

> mailscanner seems under further development (see CHANGELOG) and current is 
> 4.83.4-1?

Yes. It seems many changes have been implemented, and some important ones 
regarding postfix integration.
The former way (the 4.30 way, the one we have in pkgsrc) was quite insecure and 
could lose messages.

> On the other hand many former mailscanner users switched to i.e. 
> amavisd-new within the last years for different reasons.

I'm one of them. One of the problems in Mailscanner was the way it was dealing 
with the postfix queue. Now things changed and it seems safe, but postfix 
website still classifies this software as risky. That's why many people 
switched, but actually Mailscanner is lighter than many others and could be a 
good solution where ram amount is limited. Amavisd-new is good, but it is a 
memory hog.

> Is there anyone active with maintaining mailscanner here?

Actually I think it'd be better to have no Mailscanner at all than this old and 
buggy version. So if nobody is going to maintain it, maybe it's better to 
remove it.


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