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Re: recompiling pkgsrc

Stefan Schaeckeler <> writes:

> I have upgraded the system compiler and want to recompile all pkgsrc
> packages with it. How do I do this considering the package versions
> are still the same.

One approach is to install pkg_rolling-replace, and then

cd /var/db/pkg && pkg_admin set rebuild=YES *

(ignore the error on the database file :-)

and then

pkg_rolling-replace -v -k

make sure pkgsrc has no work directories before you start.

Or, you can do a bulk build separately as Thomas suggests.

pkg_rolling-replace works very well until it runs into something it
can't handle, but that is basically:

  PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT changed, or similar

  files moved between packages, leading to CONFLICTS between the
  replacement for an installed package and another installed package.

If you have not updated pkgsrc, I would expect the above to go pretty

I would set PKG_DEVELOPER=yes to get better error checking and DESTDIR
mode, so that each package is updated with pkg_add -U.  That way you'll
be doing how I test, but probably the old way works ok too.

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