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Re: GTK1 vs GTK2 (was: Re: [HEADS UP] Package removal -- please check)

    Date:        Fri, 18 Feb 2011 13:28:20 +0000
    From:        Sad Clouds <>

  | One workaround is to select the text you want to copy and then press Ctrl-C
  | and when you get back to "Type name of new folder", press Ctrl-V to
  | paste it. This should at least work with GTK and KDE applications.

Unfortunately, the place I most often want to get the selection from is
good old xterm, and typing ^C in a xterm does nothing at all related to
selections ...   If it isn't an xterm, then my next most likely source
would be tk/tcl (most likely exmh) where ^C also does nothing related to

I don't really use kde applications at all, and gtk applications only
when there's no other reasonable choice.


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