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GTK1 vs GTK2 (was: Re: [HEADS UP] Package removal -- please check)

    Date:        Fri, 18 Feb 2011 10:52:04 +0100
    From:        Thomas Klausner <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | In another try to get rid of GTK1, long after it has been obsoleted
  | (GTK3 is out now!),

I was a long time hold out using GTK1 over GTK2 based packages as
long as I could - I kept the gtk1 versions of seamonkey & firefox
alive (locally) after they had been removed from pkgsrc, until
trying to support them just became absurd, and I was dragged
screaming into the gtk2 world.

My major objection was the file save dialog box - no question the
gtk2 one has advantages (though it is big), but how does one (intelligently)
create a new directory from the gtk2 file save dialog box?

Can anyone tell me how I'm supposed to do that?   To prevent silly
answers, "intelligently" is important, I know I can click the "create
folder" button - that is, I am not just making a pedantic point about the
stupidity of renaming "directory" to "folder" (though I could), that's
not the issue.

But when clicking on that button, it creates a box containing the
words "Type name of new folder" - and actually seems to expect me
to type a new name.   That's not "intelligently create".

What I want to do is paste in the new name from where it is selected
elsewhere, whether I do that with a mouseclick or keystroke is not
important right now.   The problem is that when that small window
appears, with that "Type name of new folder" test in it, GTK2 makes
that text become the current X selection, so whatever I had selected
before is de-selected.   OK, I can just make another selection - or
I should be able to .. and of course that works, but when I move the
focus out of the file save dialog box, the "Type name of new folder" nicely
vanishes (someone is assuming that I changed my mind, and no longer want
to create a new "folder").   Having re-selected the string that I want to
be the name of my new directory, I have to go back and push the "create folder"
button again, which grabs the selection again, and around and around we go.

Is there some way this can be made to work, or are the people creating GTK2
just idiots?   Can we get the GTK1 file save dialog back?   It was much
less powerful, and not as "pretty", but the thing actually worked!

Enough rant ... but if anyone has actually worked out how to make this
work, I'd love to know.


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