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Re: [HEADS UP] Package removal -- please check

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 09:25:39AM -0600, Andrew Ball wrote:
> Hello Thomas,
> I occasionally use...
> graphics/cnxtview
> graphics/cpia2view
> graphics/spcaview


> ...and was hoping to try...
> geography/gpsdrive
> ...but would understand if it were removed from pkgsrc.

Perhaps you want to start by updating gpsdrive to a newer version
(supporting GTK2)? :)

> How difficult would it be to port the webcam viewers to a more recent gtk?

Actually, I have no idea since I haven't tried it. Depends on how much
of the widget set they use and how much has changed in those parts.
Try replacing the gtk-config lines with appropriate pkg-config gtk2
lines and see what happens :)

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