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Re: 64 bit ABI issue on Solaris

On 17.2.2011, at 7:26, Stefan Schaeckeler wrote:

> Anyone having luck with compiling lang/gcc44 on Solaris with ABI=64?
> It looks like that the first built gcc is 64-bit. Then, gcc compiles itself. 
> This bootstrapped compiler consists of 32-bit object files. To make matters 
> worse, the bootstrapped compiler does not link into a binary, because 
> required external libs such as libgmp are 64-bit.

Hm, is this different on Sparc compared to i386? On Solaris/i386, you never 
build a 64bit version of GCC. You build a 32bit one that can build for both 
32bit and 64bit targets. Sorry, not much experience with Sparcs.


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