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Re: 64 bit ABI issue on Solaris

Anyone having luck with compiling lang/gcc44 on Solaris with ABI=64?

It looks like that the first built gcc is 64-bit. Then, gcc compiles itself. 
This bootstrapped compiler consists of 32-bit object files. To make matters 
worse, the bootstrapped compiler does not link into a binary, because required 
external libs such as libgmp are 64-bit.


> On 14.2.2011, at 6:40, Stefan Palm wrote:
> > A far as I remember the problem was that pkgsrc reported 
> > MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM as "sparc-sun-solaris2" (instead of 
> > "sparc64-sun-solaris2") to gmp. My "workaround" was to use a fake uname 
> > ("#!/bin/sh; echo `/usr/bin/uname $@ | /usr/xpg4/bin/sed 
> > 's/sparc/sparc64/g'`") during bootstrap to get the 
> Based on my latest experiments in 2010Q4, I think the problem is with 
> libtool, and yes, the fact that Solaris (i386 flavors in my case) doesn't 
> report as 64bit, because it is both at the same time (which is why we're 
> forcing it with ABI=64). I was able to work around the problem by forcing 
> devel/libtool-base to build with -m64, then it will build shared libs 
> properly as ELFCLASS64. See the attached patch.
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