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Re: How to automatically update dependencies when building a package?

In response to Benny Siegert <>:

I never intended to install pkgsrc packages to the same prefix as Slackware 

Slackware packages have prefix /usr, except for those that go to /bin, /sbin 
and/or /lib , hence no conflict in using pkgsrc's default prefix /usr/pkg .

When I installed Slackware, I never thought about switching to pkgsrc, I wanted 
a full-functional system, so I installed everything.

I don't like the thought of trying to build something like Seamonkey from 
pkgsrc and then having pkgsrc install, in duplicate, dependencies that I 
already have in Slackware.

Now I have practically dropped plans to bring pkgsrc to Linux, either on 
present computer or a new computer.

I've been through more than enough x11-links hell in NetBSD, don't want to 
bring that to Linux.

Now I wonder if there is any way to convert packages already built using 
non-package-manager configure and make, and installed to a staging-area DESTDIR 
before being installed to prefix /usr or /usr/local, to pkgsrc-compatible 
binary format.

In response to Greg Troxel <>:

I didn't know it was advisable to tell pkg_rolling-replace to keep going in 
case of error (-k option), but I guess there is nothing more to lose.

Apparently other package managers have other, more automatic, ways of dealing 
with ABI issues.  FreeBSD with its ports system, issues an UPDATING file, 
extracted as /usr/ports/UPDATING, telling about special procedures needed to 
upgrade a particular port when special tricks are needed.


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