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Re: How to automatically update dependencies when building a package?

On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 01:56:32PM +0000, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> How do I get pkgsrc to automatically update dependencies when a too-old 
> version is already installed?

  I cope with dependencies (including conflicts related to
out-of-date packages) this way: 

 a) building in a sandbox ( created by pkgsrc/mk/bulk/mksandbox )
 b) using UPDATE_TARGET (i.e., "make update UPDATE_TARGET=bin-install)
 c) ensuring--if I want to stick to just binaries I built myself--
    the line below appears in /etc/mk.conf (in the sandbox, too):


 d) when installing the resulting packaged packages back outside
    the sandbox, using "-u" with pkg_add, e.g.,

pkg_add -u <package-binaries> <...>

  This approach generally takes care of the deinstalling/rebuilding/
repackaging necessary for out-of-date dependencies automatically.
A nice additional thing about it is that if you want to build a new
version of, say, a library package upon which some other package
depends, you can do so in the sandbox without the depending
package's ever having to be deinstalled from the real environment,
aka, outside the sandbox--unless it's incompatible with the updated
library, that is.

Cheers,  --Dave
Boston, MA

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