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Re: PostgreSQL and libtool

Joerg Sonnenberger <> writes:

> On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 10:48:53PM +0100, Adam wrote:
>> I would like to remove libtool as a building tool for PostgreSQL.
>> Arguments:
>> 1. Libtool is not supported by PostgreSQL. Patching PostgreSQL to use 
>> libtool is a hack and maintaining the package is a headache.
> So is maintaining different linker rules.
>> 2. With libtool, there are problems with other packages, like PostGIS.
>> 3. Without libtool, shared libraries are built just fine. We have other 
>> packages with shared libraries built without libtool (textproc/icu comes to 
>> mind).
> I consider the latter more a bug and we have enough packages where the
> native build system is completely wrong for anything but Linux...
>> 4. On Mac OS X, PostgreSQL crashes when built with libtool (see PR/44365). I 
>> guess other platforms might suffer, too.
> So we get the real reason. We have a platform that is known to behave
> differently depending on a number of factors. We don't even try to debug
> the problem, we just completely change the environment. Very
> convincing...

So far libtool usage is not justified. What does it fix?
It seems that it doesn't really fix anything.
On the other hand it is known to break packages.


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