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Re: Dependencies of meta-pkgs/gnome [was Re: Adding a gnome-lite package]

On 04/23/10 13:59, Julio Merino wrote:
On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 2:36 PM, Jens Rehsack<> 

If all dependencies are optional, there is no point in having a meta

Fully agree (and that's why not proposed!).

But introducing 5 new packages which differ slightly wouldn't make sense to
me when 2 new packages and 2-3 options would do fine.

Package options, specially those that change dependencies, are evil.

Finally - nearly all build time options change something in the dependencies. That's what they are made for.

I repeat: I do not see any reason for introducing a lot meta-pkgs:
- gnome-lite, ok
- gnome-pkgsrc, ok (even if gnome-NetBSD would match better)

But gnome-suggested or gnome-supported? Where does it end?

I don't think having a firefox option is reasonable - it wasn't my example. Much more: I don't think can choose from a bunch of window managers is reasonable. But I think, it's more reasonable having an option to choose a window manager than having a new meta-pkg for it.

I'm not familiar with packaging gnome, what makes it hard for me giving good examples.


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