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RE: Adding a gnome-lite package

> I would like to see some of the dependencies of meta-pkgs/gnome move
> to meta-pkgs/gnome-minimal, and for meta-pkgs/gnome to depend on
> gnome-minimal.  But if that's contentious, I am fine with just
> adding gnome-minimal (and I really don't care much what it's called)
> and then I'll ignore meta-pkgs/gnome.

If (and I'm not sure this has been settled) we go the route of having 
meta-pkgs/gnome depend on a more minimal subset, rather than having gnome-lite 
(or whatever) as a separate stand-alone collection, then I think it would 
behoove us to make it useful to other packages as well.  Extract the common, 
truly foundational, bits of GTK-derived desktops (gnome, xfce, lxde, ???) so 
they can all depend on it.  If the goal is to have a non-bloated set of Gnome 
things that are still useful for running as a desktop, then a good check should 
be that it is foundational for several existing desktops. 

Is this a desirable goal?  If so, go to it.  (But perhaps a more 
desktop-neutral name than "gnome-whatever" is in order then.)  If not, then 
maybe Julio's original suggestion (stand-alone meta-package, nothing dependent 
on it, for those that truly just want a "smaller Gnome") is the better 


Tim Larson
App Admin, Intercall Production Services

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