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Re: Adding a gnome-lite package

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 9:46 AM, Matthias Drochner
<> wrote:
> said:
>> I'll keep it locally while I decide what to put in it
> As a starting point, here is one I had been using locally.
> It is just a session and a terminal. For everything else,
> there are alternatives to the standard gnome tools which
> are often preferrable. (altually also for the terminal,
> but some terminal is helpful to be able to install additional
> packages)

Heh, pretty much the rationale I was following in my gnome-lite :-)  I like it.

I was pondering two different approaches though:

- Minimal desktop as the one you propose.  Don't install any
application for which you have an alternative that you will want to
install (e.g. epiphany vs. firefox).  Maybe install some stuff for
which you don't have alternatives, such as the panel applets.

- More functional desktop, but avoiding huge dependencies (specially
those that are developer-specific such as python and mono bindings).
Include a set of packages "blessed" by us, not restricted to match

(Sure, these two approaches are so different that they may warrant
different packages.)

Julio Merino

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