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Adding a gnome-lite package


A long time ago, I added a gnome-base meta package to pkgsrc.  The
purpose of this package was to provide a minimal but functional Gnome
desktop system on top of which you could install additional
applications -- only those that you planned to use.  This package did
not correspond to any of the official components defined by the Gnome
project and so was removed from pkgsrc stating this reason.  (Wow, it
amuses me that this was almost 2 years ago and I didn't even notice!)

Sure, I cannot complain at all about the removal of this package
because 1) I relinquished maintainership and 2) the reason for its
removal was valid.

However, I'd like to resurrect such package.  My motivation is that I
would like to have a functional desktop running by using a meta
package for it, but I don't want to have to build and install tons of
packages that won't be of any use (e.g. all mono stuff and assorted
bindings).  Having the "gnome" package match what upstream defines as
Gnome is nice in spirit, but not very practical.

Would you object to a gnome-lite meta package that depends on a few
desktop core components (such as the panel, the window manager, the
session manager, etc.)?  Basically a subset of the gnome meta package,
and I know this subset is extremely subjective.  I know such a
gnome-lite package has no correspondence to upstream, but well, we
*do* have the packages that have this correspondence.  And no, I don't
plan to make the gnome package depend on gnome-lite (which was the
case before with gnome-base).


Julio Merino

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