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Re: using totem with youtube plugin said:
> What additional packages and their versions do you have installed to
> use  youtube plugin with totem?

Hmm - most likely is is some gstreamer plugin which is missing.
I've got a lot installed, certainly more than necessary, all
at their current versions. (I don't think the versions are
too important; I've been using totem for youtube for quite
some time and it worked, except when youtube changed the
request protocol.)
If the problem is thumbnail display, the needed one could
be gst-plugins0.10-jpeg, or -png.
Usually, totem (and the other pkgs using gstreamer) tell
more or less clearly which codec is missing. For youtube,
I'd assume that gst-plugins0.10-x264 and gst-plugins0.10-faad
would be useful. It often also helps to install
gst-plugins0.10-ffmpeg because it covers many less usual

> libgdata-Message: Unhandled XML in GDataYouTubeVideo: <yt:accessControl
> action="comment" permission="allowed"/>

This is harmless, I'm seeing this too. It seems to be about "comment".
"rate" or "syndicate" permissions.
libgdata which does the access protocol handling is somewhat crappy.
In former versions, totem used some python script which one could
halfway understand and even fix if necessary. Now we have this mess.

> libgdata-Message: Unhandled XML in GDataYouTubeVideo:
> <georss:where><gml:Point><gml:pos>59.362857818603516
> 18.059463500976562</gml:pos></gml:Point></georss:where>

looks harmless though -- just some location data we don't
need to care about.

hope this helps

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