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using totem with youtube plugin

(I Bcc'd the developer who told me about this. Thanks!)

What additional packages and their versions do you have installed to use 
youtube plugin with totem?

I have many gst (gstreamer) plugins installed.

I have totem now installed and have the youtube plugin enabled. The 
search works. It shows names of videos but has a red check icon for each 
and has many pop-ups:

  Error Looking Up Video URI
  Operation not supported

Output to console shows:

libgdata-Message: Unhandled XML in GDataYouTubeVideo: 
libgdata-Message: Unhandled XML in GDataYouTubeVideo: <yt:accessControl 
action="comment" permission="allowed"/>


** (totem:24854): WARNING **: Error loading video thumbnail: Operation 
not supported

(many repeated)

Thanks in advance

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