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Some KDE packages updated to default to KDE4


Since yesterday, I've updated some packages in pkgsrc that were using
KDE3 to default to their KDE4 versions instead. The KDE3 versions are
still available.

In detail:
KDE4            KDE3
amarok          amarok-kde3
digikam         digikam-kde3
-               digikam-doc-kde3
kipi-plugins    kipi-plugins-kde3
-               kipi-plugins-calendar-kde3
kmldonkey       kmldonkey-kde3
tellico         tellico-kde3

The packages have the same PKGNAMEs, since you can't install kde3 and
kde4 at the same time anyway.

If you still prefer the KDE3 version, please update your config files
(e.g. pkg_chk.conf) to point to the new kde3-specific locations.
Otherwise you'll get the KDE4 packages after your next update.


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