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Re: aegis-4.24.1nb1 and conversion of existing projects

Originally posted to the wrong list.

Also, following up to my own post: since /var/run gets cleaned out at
boot it is not a good idea to use it for storage of e.g. the list of
projects that aegis knows about and the information aegis needs to
find the repository directories.

Best regards,


At Fri, 05 Feb 2010 15:27:18 -0400,
Marko SchÃtz wrote:
> I noticed that aegis-4.24.1nb1 uses different directories and
> possibly different UID/GID for the aegis user. This has a chilling
> effect when upgrading an existing installation of aegis to a new
> version, since 
> aegis -list projects 
> will list absolutely nothing.
> Moving everything from /usr/pkg/com (the previous location) to
> /var/run/aegis (the new location) and chowning these files to UID/GID
> of the aegis user (3:3 by default) seems to fix it.
> Maybe there should be a message that this location has changed and
> files need to be moved...
> Best regards,
> Marko
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