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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/math/pari

On 02/09/10 00:34, Amitai Schlair wrote:
Sorry for the glut of short mails, but it just occurred to me that
these side effects matter to the NetBSD Project, too, because we're
planning to allow non-developers to contribute to the wiki and OpenID
is a key part of the plan. (We can keep a whitelist of OpenIDs without
having to be responsible for non-developers' usernames and passwords.)
I just checked to make sure, and admins@ definitely won't go for
needing X or a bunch of TeX packages on a TNF server.
Sorry also to ask you to do more cleanup work on these packages just
because you've recently done some, but I'm hoping you might have
enough loaded up in your head to solve these problems relatively
painlessly. It'd be great if you could.

Sorry, for the moment I cannot do anything, because someone messed around with pkg_install and my NetBSD distribution build fails heavily at several points - which prevents me from updating.


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