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Re: default option set for math/octave depends on non-free software

Fulvio Ciriaco <> writes:

> One can probably redistribute it,
> FreeBSD does for example.

I don't understand how people say "probably".  A straightforward reading
of the license finds no permission to redistribute.  (This is part of
the reason for the notion that people intending software to be free
should choose an established Free license.  But clearly the szip authors
do not intend their software to be Free.

> However, do you think that people installing octave
> should suspect that trading hdf5 data managed by
> octave could infringe a license agreement?

If they put ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+=szip-license, then they should
understand that, yes.

> Better provide HDF5 without szip. Those needing szip
> must explicitly accept the license.
> Unless someone knows how to make hdf5 dlopen szip
> when available.

I have already made that change.

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