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Re: Does firefox 3.5 on netbsd-4/i386 work?

On Sat, 21 Nov 2009 23:58:13 +1100
Simon Burge <> wrote:

> I've just upgraded my netbsd-4/i386 machine to pkgsrc-2008Q3, which
> included a jump from firefox- to firefox-3.5.3nb2.
> When I try to start firefox, xulrunner pops up a dialog box or three
> which disappear to quickly to see what they say.  If I start with no
> ~/.mozilla directory I get three of these dialog boxes, and if I start
> with an existing profile I get just one of these.  Then xulrunner-bin
> dumps core.

This sounds vaguely familiar. I think it can happen when fontconfig
doesn't find any fonts.

> Note that if I start /usr/pkg/lib/firefox/firefox directly, instead of
> using the /usr/pkg/bin/firefox script it does appear to start (after
> popping up two dialog boxes that disappear like earlier) but then after
> the initial firefox window starts it appears to wedge and the firefox
> process has two threads, one blocked in sawait and the other in poll.

The stub launcher is known to not work correctly. You really need
to start it like done in the wrapper script (but see below...).

> First question - has anyone successfully used firefox 3.5 on netbsd-4?

Haven't used XFree86 in a long time, sorry.

> Second question - any suggestions on making this work?

If you rebuild xulrunner with PKG_OPTIONS.xulrunner+=debug in mk.conf
it should print some clues to the problem on stderr. There were some
additional debugging instructions posted earlier:


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