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wip/icc11 and removal of wip/icc and wip/icc8 (was: RE: wip/icc11)

This is an update on a status of wip/icc11.

Global optimisation now works for some packages. I'm almost sure
that it doesn't work for other packages because xiar and xild should
be used rather than ar and ld but I'm yet to confirm that.

The package depends on binutils because icc needs newer version of
"as" than avialable in NetBSD-5 (AFAIK, "as" in -current was recently
updated to 2.19 which is new enough for icc). I couldn't build
binutils few days ago from pkgsrc head. If you run into this problem
you can get a binary package somewhere, I used a package I built
on older -current.

If there is no objections, I'm going to remove wip/icc and wip/icc8.
They depend on old emul framework which doesn't work anymore.


Alexander Nasonov wrote:
> Hi,
> I've commited a package for the latest version of Intel C++ Compiler
> for Linux. So far, I tested it only on NetBSD-current/i386 but I
> expect the package to work on NetBSD/x86_64 and Linux.
> Only C compiler works on NetBSD because wchar_t typedef is not
> protected by __cplusplus guard. It would be interesting to see how
> the C++ compiler works on other BSD systems where this guard is
> present.
> Some interesting flags like -ipo (global optimisation) are not
> supported but other flags (-prof-gen -prof-use etc) work fine,
> at least on small packages like lang/gawk.
> Alex


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