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Re: wip/icc11 and removal of wip/icc and wip/icc8 (was: RE: wip/icc11)

I forgot to add that devel/m4 doesn't build with icc and devel/gmake
crashes. You need gcc for those.

Alexander Nasonov wrote:
> This is an update on a status of wip/icc11.
> Global optimisation now works for some packages. I'm almost sure
> that it doesn't work for other packages because xiar and xild should
> be used rather than ar and ld but I'm yet to confirm that.
> The package depends on binutils because icc needs newer version of
> "as" than avialable in NetBSD-5 (AFAIK, "as" in -current was recently
> updated to 2.19 which is new enough for icc). I couldn't build
> binutils few days ago from pkgsrc head. If you run into this problem
> you can get a binary package somewhere, I used a package I built
> on older -current.
> If there is no objections, I'm going to remove wip/icc and wip/icc8.
> They depend on old emul framework which doesn't work anymore.
> Thanks,
> Alex
> Alexander Nasonov wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I've commited a package for the latest version of Intel C++ Compiler
> > for Linux. So far, I tested it only on NetBSD-current/i386 but I
> > expect the package to work on NetBSD/x86_64 and Linux.
> > 
> > Only C compiler works on NetBSD because wchar_t typedef is not
> > protected by __cplusplus guard. It would be interesting to see how
> > the C++ compiler works on other BSD systems where this guard is
> > present.
> > 
> > Some interesting flags like -ipo (global optimisation) are not
> > supported but other flags (-prof-gen -prof-use etc) work fine,
> > at least on small packages like lang/gawk.
> > 
> > Alex
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