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Re: tnftp build error on Solaris 10 with Sun Studio compiler

14 okt 2009 kl. 23.58 skrev Leo R. Lundgren:


I am having trouble compiling packages on a newly installed Solaris 10 machine. It is a VM running in VMware Fusion.

        # uname -a
        SunOS miro 5.10 Generic_139556-08 i86pc i386 i86pc

I have installed the OS itself, then I installed Sun Studio from the tarfile package (it's located in /opt/sunstudio12.1). This part went without apparent errors. I then placed pkgsrc in /usr/pkg/pkgsrc, set the environment variable CC=cc, and run ./bootstrap in /usr/pkg/pkgsrc/bootstrap. This part gave no errors either, looks good.

My mk.conf contains this:

        .ifdef BSD_PKG_MK       # begin pkgsrc settings
        PKGSRC_COMPILER=        sunpro
        CC=                     cc
        CXX=                    CC
        CPP=                    ${CC} -E
        PKG_DBDIR=              /var/db/pkg
        LOCALBASE=              /usr/pkg
        VARBASE=                /var
        PKG_TOOLS_BIN=          /usr/pkg/sbin
        PKGMANDIR=              man
        TOOLS_PLATFORM.install?=        /usr/pkg/bin/install-sh             /usr/pkg/bin/pdksh
        TOOLS_PLATFORM.ksh?=            /usr/pkg/bin/pdksh
        TOOLS_PLATFORM.awk?=            /usr/pkg/bin/nawk
        TOOLS_PLATFORM.sed?=            /usr/pkg/bin/nbsed
        .endif                  # end pkgsrc settings

Next, I went to /usr/pkg/pkgsrc/www/nginx to try this package as a start, but it errors out on me. I've pasted the entire build output at, but here are the obvious parts of the error messages:

        bmake: don't know how to make ../libedit/libedit.a. Stop
        bmake: stopped in /usr/pkg/pkgsrc/net/tnftp/work/tnftp-20070806/src
        *** Error code 2
        bmake: stopped in /usr/pkg/pkgsrc/net/tnftp/work/tnftp-20070806
        *** Error code 1
        bmake: stopped in /usr/pkg/pkgsrc/net/tnftp
        *** Error code 1
        bmake: stopped in /usr/pkg/pkgsrc/net/tnftp
        *** Error code 1
        bmake: stopped in /usr/pkg/pkgsrc/www/nginx

I took a look at net/tnftp/work/tnftp-20070806/src/Makefile, which I believe is the area of processing in which the error occurs. It contains this:

        PROG    = ftp
        SRCS    = cmds.c cmdtab.c complete.c domacro.c fetch.c ftp.c main.c \
                  progressbar.c ruserpass.c util.c
        OBJS    = ${SRCS:.c=.o}

        all:    ${PROG}

        ${PROG}: ${OBJS}  ../libedit/libedit.a ../libnetbsd/libnetbsd.a
                ${CC} ${CFLAGS} ${LDFLAGS} -o ${PROG} ${OBJS} ${LIBS}

        ${OBJS}: ${srcdir}/../tnftp.h ../config.h

Looking at the build output, there is a "( cd src; /usr/pkg/bin// bmake )" which should mean that bmake processes the above Makefile. Unless my memory fails me, this means that it tries to satisfy the target "all", which in turn depends on "${OBJS}", "../libedit/ libedit.a" and "../libnetbsd/libnetbsd.a". The first one of these expands to and matches the files mentioned in the build output right before the error (compilation of cmds.c, cmdtab.c, complete.c and so on), and then the error occurs when bmake tries to satisfy the dependency for ../libedit/libedit.a. This file doesn't exist and apparently here is where something goes wrong.


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