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Re: {pkgsrc-users} need help with C# -- how to deal with different time_t widths?

Hi Brian - said:
> > The appended patch
> You didn't append a patch.

Yes, as always... I had posted it a couple of minutes later.

> The lower-case are the primitive types, and
> the System.* are their corresponding classes; C# will automatically
> box/unbox them as necessary.

What would be the advantage of using classes for integers?
Passing integers by reference doesn't sound very efficient.
(But anyway, since my problem is about modeling a C data
structure in C# I guess that simple types are the way to go.)

>       UInt32 blah;
> #else
>       UInt64 blah;
> #endif

Thanks - this works.
Unfortunately, the assumption that time_t fits into a pointer
is also in exported interfaces of the underlying gtk-sharp
library, so I needed some typecasts to compensate.
I think a better fix would be to make the type used for
time_t a 64-bit integer throughout the code, but that
would be an interface change.
Could you please have a look at pkgsrc/x11/gnome-sharp and
check that my fix is correct?

best regards

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