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Re: Real life use of pkgsrc from a happy user

On Tuesday 08 September 2009 08:48:22 you wrote:
> software installations, they do not help you very much with the upgrade
> hell which is inherent to many if not all linux distributions.
...That is why afaik many *BSD users today are using Gentoo Linux if linux is 
"required" within a project.

The Gentoo Linux portage system bases on a widely similiar concept like 
pgksrc, ports and pkgs.

But however, Gentoo alternatively provides / could use the pkgsrc system too.

I can't understand why users are paying huge money for i.e. RedHat or SuSe 
repositories which making upgrades nearly the same mess like on M$ (but maybe 
this is what many users expect froma "professional system") - without any 
improvement on flexibility. It seems that concepts mainly targeting the 
distributors market concept - less the user needs.  Even dpkg from debian 
allows (so my experiences) a "softer" upgrade path then the main commercial 
Linuxes do offer.

just my two cents...





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