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Re: Slackware Linux and pkgsrc

I used your guide to install Slackware and pkgsrc on two systems and I don't 
think I would have been able to do it without it, so thanks!

Some advice I would add for updating pkgsrc packages: I've had good results 
doing this by setting USE_DESTDIR=yes and setting 
DEPENDS_TARGET=package-install and UPDATE_TARGET=package-install, then using 
pkg_rolling-replace to update all the packages.  Using DESTDIR means that 
pkgsrc will install to the .destdir directory in the package's work directory, 
build a binary package, then use the binary package to install the package on 
the filesystem proper.  This avoids the chicken-and-egg problem of updating 
packages that are marked as not-for-deletion, i.e. packages that were built 
through the bootstrapping process, since pkg_add won't complain about it if the 
-u option is used, which is what package-install does for packages that are 
being updated/replaced.

I'll have to upgrade my Slackware installation to 13.0, and get a different 
system on which I can start anew and try out your scripts.  I remember how 
tedious it was picking only the packages I needed in Slackware's installer, so 
having your shell scripts to do the work for me would be a big help. :)
- Dave V.

On Thu, 03 Sep 2009 10:05:21 +0300
Martti Kuparinen <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I finally updated my notes about using pkgsrc with Slackware Linux (version 
> 13.0). As you can see, some things are still under construction (but feel 
> free 
> to contribute :-)
> Martti

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