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openoffice dependency on firefox

What does the dependency of openoffice on firefox buy us? Is it "click on
a link in an openoffice document opens a browser" or is there more to it?

(On Friday there was still openoffice 3.1.0 - I haven't tried with 3.1.1
yet - but trying to build 3.1.0 with firefox (ie 3.5.2) rather than firefox3
(ie 3.0.13) didn't work because openoffice was looking for a pkg-config nss
whereas a nss.m4 might work better - but then I wondered whether as firefox
changes quite frequently, is it worth paying the long rebuild of openoffice
every time?) (I build firefox 3.5.2 and openoffice 3.1.0 successfully without
the dependency)



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