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how to use ccache?

I am trying to use ccache with pkgsrc.  I read the guide and have

PKGSRC_COMPILER=        ccache gcc

in /etc/mk.conf.

Packages now depend on ccache, and the wrapper scripts seem to use
ccache, but my cache statistics remain 0 after building editors/emacs22

gdt 136 /usr/pkgsrc/editors/emacs22 > ccache -s
cache directory                     /home/gdt/.ccache
cache hit                              0
cache miss                             0
files in cache                         0
cache size                             0 Kbytes
max cache size                       5.0 Gbytes

Is there some other cache location for pkgsrc?  I found '.ccache-cache'
in work, but surely the point is that when you build a package again the
cache will be used.

gdt 165 /usr/pkgsrc/editors/emacs22/work > CCACHE_DIR=.ccache-cache ccache -s
cache directory                     .ccache-cache
cache hit                              0
cache miss                           154
called for link                       17
compile failed                        10
preprocessor error                    13
autoconf compile/link                124
no input file                          3
files in cache                       308
cache size                           5.9 Mbytes
max cache size                    1024.0 Mbytes

But 'make clean' in editors/emacs22 blew that away.

I see reading mk/compiler/ that this is documented.  But it
seems like a very strange default.

What is the recommended setting for CCACHE_DIR?  How does one manage a
shared cache for builds as me vs root?  Or is the thinking that reading
a root ache as me is a disclosure vulnerability and writing a root cache
an integrity vulnerability?

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