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Re: on AIX (was: pkg_install-20090422 fails to build on AIX)

On Tue, 12 May 2009 11:32:14 +0900, Louis Guillaume 
<> wrote:

> I have to set both `WARNS=0' and `NOGCCERROR=1' to get this to work. It
> seems like should be aware of the compiler (xlc in this case)
> before adding -Werror or -Wall to CFLAGS. At least it should not
> indiscriminately add the flag as it does now.
> I don't know what the proper practice is for dealing with this in
> general, so I defer to the list. What I do know is that adding `-Wall'
> (as happens when WARNS > 0) causes xlc to complain. Same as adding
> `-Werror' (as happens when NOGCCERROR is unset).
> What's the correct way to deal with this?

bootstrap-mk-files/files/mods/ barrier it with:
.if ${CC:M*gcc*} != ""

Should it be geneally in bootstrap-mk-files/files/

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