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Re: [PATCH] multimedia/libmp4v2 invalid check for nasm version

Seems I forgot to reply here.

Thomas Klausner wrote:

> On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 02:51:33PM +0100, Rumko wrote:
>> By default configure passes "-r" to nasm to get the version, but nasm (at
>> least the one in pkgsrc, 2.05.01) does not recognize that parameter and
>> instead needs "-v".
>> Attached patch fixes this problem
> The package doesn't depend on nasm anyway, so not finding it because
> the check is broken is ok IMHO ;)

One (or more) of the packages I have installed needs nasm. If nasm is present
on the system, configure tries to get it's version. Because of the broken
check (see the first until loop in work/mpeg4ip-1.6.1/util/, it
goes into an endless loop if nasm is present, but does not accept -r (based on it seems older
versions of nasm used -r to acquire it's version).

> What functionality enhancement would adding a nasm dependency bring,
> and on which platforms does it work?

I'm unable to find any useful info on this (but I also have to admit that I
didn't spend more than a few minutes on researching this) ... maybe some

>  Thomas

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