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Re: Version requirements for dependancies

I don't know why databases/db4/ has

Maybe it should be reverted.

It would be especially nice if any definition of BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS (or 
BUILDLINK_ABI_DEPENDS) also has a comment explaining why it was last 
changed. Maybe we should have that as a policy.

I agree that individual package could also set requirements like this (and 
many packages already do).

I have had many similar problems. (For example, today I installed a pidgin 
plugin which tried to force me to update libpurple and pidgin. I manually 
patched the two files and it build and installed fine (using 
my older libpurple and pidgin). And now I am using it fine. Also many 
months ago, I had same problem with older versions. I will report this 
separately. By the way, the README says it will only work with Pidgin 
2.0.0 -- so way wrong.)

I think we need to separate from pkgsrc-wide 
from per-package. For example, I would like to try bulk builds that 
doesn't honor the BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS as set pkgsrc-wide in -- but I need it to still honor the specific ones set per 
package. I need that to test over time if settings are too strict or not 
strict enough. Maybe I will call it and 
then ignore it with a new option USE_MASTER_API_DEPENDS=NO.

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