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Re: Version requirements for dependancies

The policy is a new version is required if the ABI changes, making 
existing dependencies to no longer work with new packages (or new 
dependencies to no longer work with old packages).

Also if an API changes (meaning it needs newer dependency), then that will 
be required too.

If you are always buildling from pkgsrc and don't use packages from others 
and are willing to try to troubleshoot problems on your own, you can use 
USE_ABI_DEPENDS?=NO -- note it is not recommended, but I have used it for 
years. (That won't help you in this case, because the 
BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.db4 was increased too.)

spamprobe has only been tested with db4 in pkgsrc. db4 currently has:


Apparently, it was known or assumed that the previous db4-4.6.21 has 
binaries that are incompatible.

I just checked and saw some official packages from earlier this year use (from db4-4.6.21) specifically, but newer db4 provides (So mixing and matching these packages just won't 
easily work correctly.)

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