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Re: Version requirements for dependancies

On Tue, 11 Nov 2008, Robert Elz wrote:

> You misinterpreted the problem.   You're assuming Chris is asking about
> needing to rebuild spamprobe when db4 is updated.   That isn't it at all.

I understood the problem. I was pointing out other sides of the situation 

> The problem here is that pkgsrc is optimised towards making it easier for
> the pkgsrc developer, and not making things correct, or easier for the

I see it another way (for this specific problem): pkgsrc is optimized 
towards making it easier for the package end-user (not pkgsrc builder).

> Either way, the old db4 would do, and is perhaps even better than, the
> new one (of course, the new one may have bug or performance fixes that
> might make it preferable, but certainly not essential.)

Except in the case where binary packages are used on different systems, 
because of versus

As for the increased of the API requirements, I don't know why that was 

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