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Re: forced upgrade to perl-5.10.0?

2008/11/8 Klaus Heinz <>:
> If the module were depending on perl-5.10 I would understand this, but
> in fact it does not. So why am I forced to update perl?

Actually I can understand your feeling about this. Jeremy already
replied and I just wanted to point out some other things. pkgsrc
doesn't have too much manpower right now and maintaining all the Perl
modules is quite time consuming but it will certainly lead to special
value for pkgsrc as a system. Whatever your need for Perl modules is,
there is a high chance that we already have the lastest version, well
at least a reasonable up-to-date one.
I am afraid that a non-forced update to higher Perl version might lead
to unpredictable update problems. We can afford uphill battles by
maintaining special Perl module versions for Perl 5.8.8 and Perl 5.10.
A good example might be p5-version, and some modules which have become
part of the Perl distribution and which we have to take care of in our
dependencies. Just be aware of these problems a forced update might be
a better option than fighting PRs or even worse users get mad about

We did the change in the pkgsrc-current tree, this is certainly a
better idea to have the full change between pkgsrc-2008Q3 and Q4. I am
afraid that other approaches might lead to massive pull-up requests.

As I said I can understand your thoughts and they are totally reasonable to me.


- Uli

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