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Re: musings about pkgsrc under Solaris

 >> Instead of OBJHOSTNAME, I'd recommend WRKOBJDIR.
 >> This allows to keep pkgsrc source tree read only.

> I think this is more suitable for bulk builds. When you start with
> pkgsrc and compile one package after the other, I think it's easier to
> keep the pkgsrc infrastructure, the extracted sources and the build
> results together. But I'll consider adding this to my page.
That was just my point, not criticism.
Your document is very informative.

Real reason to not use pkgsrc gcc:
It doesn't accept SUN's pragmas.

About bulk build. Bulk build do not always mean building a lot of
packages.  I often run it like this

  distbb -p 'pkg1 pkg2'
  pkg_add -uu pkg1
  pkg_add -uu pkg2

This is not harder than

  cd /usr/pkgsrc/pkg1
  bmake update
  cd /usr/pkgsrc/pkg2
  bmake update

but much safer. On solaris it makes sense to use zones to isolate
building environment.

 >> For pkgsrc gcc as a bootstrap compiler I personally whould prefer
 >> external PREFIX, for example, /usr/pkg_gcc.
 >> This can simplify running bulk builds.

> But how do you bootstrap pkgsrc gcc? This would add even more stages
> to the bootstrap process, and you would still need an external
> compiler for the first stage.

Perhaps I was not clear enough.

   ./bootstrap --prefix /opt/gcc-compiler
   cd ../lang/gcc34 && /opt/gcc-compiler/bin/bmake install
   cd ../../bootstrap
   env CC=/opt/gcc-compiler/bin/gcc ./bootstrap --prefix /opt/pkg

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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