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Re: musings about pkgsrc under Solaris

Hi Aleksey!

> Instead of OBJHOSTNAME, I'd recommend WRKOBJDIR.
> This allows to keep pkgsrc source tree read only.

I think this is more suitable for bulk builds. When you start with
pkgsrc and compile one package after the other, I think it's easier to
keep the pkgsrc infrastructure, the extracted sources and the build
results together. But I'll consider adding this to my page.

Another option seems to be lofs mounts. I recently tried to separate
sources and objects with union mounts under NetBSD (works rather
well), but I have no experience with this approach under Solaris.

> For pkgsrc gcc as a bootstrap compiler I personally whould prefer
> external PREFIX, for example, /usr/pkg_gcc.
> This can simplify running bulk builds.

But how do you bootstrap pkgsrc gcc? This would add even more stages
to the bootstrap process, and you would still need an external
compiler for the first stage.

Joern Clausen

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