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OpenOffice2 error messages


FYI: Whilst building openoffice2 I've noticed the following error messages.

Making: ../../
cpp.lcc -+ -P -DNETBSD -DUNX -DVCL -DGCC -DC341 -DINTEL -DCVER=C341 -DX86 
-DCPPU_ENV=gcc3 -DGXX_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/include/g++ -DSUPD=680 -DPRODUCT 
-D_gcc3 -DCCNUMVER=000400010003 -DSHORTSTDCPP3=6 -DDLLPOSTFIX=bi -I. 
-I../../inc -I../inc -I../../unx/inc -I../../ -I. 
-INO_JAVA_HOME/include -INO_JAVA_HOME/include/netbsd 
-INO_JAVA_HOME/include/native_threads/include -I/usr/X11R7/include     
module_xsltfilter.scp > ../../
cpp version 17.8.1999
: illegal option -- p
: illegal option -- t
: illegal option -- h
: illegal option -- r
: illegal option -- e
: illegal option -- a
: illegal option -- d

I'm not sure if this has an impact on the final product, as the built hasn't 
finished yet, but thought it may be use to others and in particular the 
maintainer of the package.

cheerio Berndt

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