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How to compile apache2 + php5 + unixodbc + php-odbc properly?


I'm preparing an upgrade of older sparc solaris 10 box with apache2,
php5 and unixodbc that connects to mysql and oracle databases and I'd
like to use pkgsrc for the new system.

I came across a problem in php-odbc - it say's it's broken. (I've
successfully compiled apache2, php5, mysql, mysql odbc connector ...)

line in the makefile is as follows:
BROKEN=         module kills Apache1 or CLI PHP on startup due to
threaded unixodbc

Does this imply, that php-odbc is broken only when used with apache1? I
came across some usenet posts that say, that the workaround is to build
everything unthreaded...

Is there some mk.conf parameter to force processes instead of threads?
(what comes across my mind is apache's mpm-prefork vs. mpm-worker) Are
there any CFLAGS or CPPFLAGS parameters that I should pass to the bmake?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Have a nice day and thanks,

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