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Re: Softwares without source code - no tag?

Cem Kayali wrote:
> There are many reasons i love and prefer NetBSD but one of them is that  
> pkgsrc installation scripts stops (even if dependency) softwares have  
> license restrictions. Sample one is mplayer, and it requires  
> win32-codecs license, and installation stops while compiling win32  
> codecs.

MPlayer doesn't need the win32 codecs at all. Just add this to your mk.conf:

PKG_OPTIONS.mplayer += -mplayer-win32

Virtually nobody needs that old junk anyway. Nowadays, these outdated codecs
are more or less irrelevant. Also ffmpeg implements most of those codecs
itself, so you can play most WMA/WMVs just fine except for DRM trash of course
which won't work either way.


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